We are a high school club that is made up of teens who share a love for cars. We discuss car types, car parts, car technology and many more car related topics.

Our club was started by our President Alex. He’s been around cars his whole life. His dad is a car enthusiast and continues to teach Alex and all of us new things all the time. We are always going to car shows and reading up about the latest and greatest cars. We also have a strong interest in the classic cars of the past.

Our mission is to spread resources that we think are informative and enjoyable to read. By doing this, we are hoping to make connections with other people who can share their years of car knowledge with us. We are planning on restoring a classic car this school year. We are going to try to work on it every weekend and hopefully by the end of the year we will have a working car. We’d appreciate any suggestions on cars to restore!